The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day

The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders

In the world of social media, Valentine’s Day can make you feel overly loved and like a princess...or like shit that you’re single. But when it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is just like any other day on the calendar and whether you are in a relationship, single or somewhere in between, know that on Valentine’s Day [a day represented by an angel baby in a diaper shooting arrows] that you are enough and you are loved.

Don’t let the calendar or your relationship status dictate your worth. Don’t let the calendar dictate when to show those you love how much they matter to you. Look at all the amazing people in your life [family and friends] that love you. Look at how expansive your life is and how you’re kicking ass as an individual, as you. Show those you love how much they matter every single day. You are enough; we are all enough. *end rant*

So this year I’m taking a new approach to this cheesy holiday to make it one for the books. This year it is all about pampering yourself - and the bonus is all of these are great no matter your relationship status! So keep on reading to see my single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day for more than 10 ways to pamper yourself!

The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders
The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders


Because what is better than a fresh bouquet of flowers?! They brighten up your space and your day instantly. But why do you have to wait for someone to get them for you? Buy yourself the flowers, girl, no shame! Bonus points because you get to pick the flower(s) so you know you’ll love them!


It is so easy these days to just send a text to your gal pals but when was the last time you actually talked to them on the phone? I feel like talking on the phone is becoming more rare but think about how special that person will feel when they hear your voice. You can even schedule a FaceTime date with your best gal pal and enjoy your morning coffee together or a glass of wine as if you were hanging out together. Something so simple that will make your bestie feel extra special!


This may not seem like a typical way to pamper yourself but what better way to start the day [or any day for that matter] than by getting your blood pumping and getting a good sweat on! Take that spin class or yoga class you’ve been wanting to take but keep putting off. It’s a great way to treat yourself and your body. Afterwards, grab a healthy and delicious smoothie to refuel. It’s a great way to say ‘I love you’ to your body!


Raise your hand if you have two types of showering/getting ready routines? One is the super quick rinse off, dry shampoo routines and the other is the longest shower in existence, exfoliating, face masks, hair masks, alllllll the things! Well, treat yourself girl and do all the things. It is such a simple [yet fun] way to pamper yourself, again on Valentine’s Day and any day. Do the routine in the morning and enjoy your cup of coffee or wait until the evening and enjoy a delicious glass of your favorite wine.

The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders


Give a girl a manicure/pedicure and she can conquer the world! You all know my love for at-home manis and pedis and that doesn’t change on Valentine’s Day. You can even splurge and go to a salon to get your nails done - bonus points for finding one that serves champagne! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect nail color, I’ve rounded up lots of great options here, here and here.


Put on your cozy robe, cuddle up on the couch and read that book you’ve been wanting to start or listen to that podcast you’ve been wanting to hear. Taking quiet time for yourself to read or listen to a podcast is such a simple way to pamper yourself that can often be overlooked.


Put on your sweats, grab a glass of wine, put on your favorite playlist and just dance!! Forget all the stress or worries going on and just let yourself unwind and dance it out! Be carefree with it, listen to those songs that make you feel something deep in your soul or that you hate to admit you like. Plus it’s like a secret workout so double bonus!


This is the ultimate way to treat yourself! Schedule a massage, a facial, a blowout - or heck, all three! I got a facial last week for my birthday and let me tell you, I felt like a queen! I was so relaxed, felt refreshed and my skin was glowing like whoa!! I don’t typically treat myself to these types of things but they are all such great forms of self care and a fun way to pamper yourself.

The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders


Put on that groutfit, grab some snacks and plop yourself on the couch for the ultimate Netflix and chill. Binge watching your favorite show might not seem like a way to pamper yourself but it lets your mind and body relax. Watch your favorite rom-com, start that series you’ve been dying to see or dive into that documentary that continually sparks your interest. Just chill and relax!


Que allllllll the bouquets of flowers, chocolates, cute couple pictures and beyond. If seeing these types of things makes you feel shitting about being single, then stay off your phone and avoid social media! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single and focusing on you and your needs. Someone’s perfectly looking relationship in a square online does not define your worth or value; it’s a highlight reel. Remembering that is key but setting those boundaries with your phone for the day can do wonders for your spirit and mood!


Treat yourself like the queen you are! Do something special for yourself today no matter how big or small it is. Buy that sweater, get the dessert, enjoy a second glass of wine, sleep in a bit - the list goes on! Maybe it’s making your favorite meal for dinner, or enjoying that second Yasso bar, or buying that top on crazy sale. If you struggle with being single on Valentine’s Day because you don’t get gifts [from an angel baby in a diaper shooting arrows], get the gift for yourself.


What better way to celebrate than by being surrounded be your best gal pals! Pick a weekend and go to brunch or better yet, have a brunch potluck at someone’s hours! Each person brings a food dish…or champagne for mimosas…and you just relax and enjoy each other’s company. It can even be as simple as donuts, bagels, fruit, coffee and mimosas in your coziest sweats. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s just about spending time with your closest friends to show them how much they mean to you. You could even do a DIY pizza making night, or mani/pedi and wine night, anything that gets you and your best gal pals together!

And there you have it my friends, the single girl’s guide to pampering yourself for Valentine’s Day! Do you have any fun ways you pamper yourself on this cheesy holiday? Share below in the comments!

The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders
The Single Girl's Guide to Pampering Yourself for Valentine's Day -- The Life She Wanders