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My Go-To Products from Sephora -- The Life She Wanders

Earlier this month in a caption on one of my Instagram posts, I mentioned that I was on day 4 hair, still with volume and curl and just needed to do some touch-ups. I got SO many comments and DM’s asking what products I use or what dry shampoo I use to get my hair to last that long so I figured it would be helpful for y’all if I put all that info together in one blog post!

It’s nothing scientific, no crazy-priced products, no magical woo-woo pills. Overtime I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work for my hair. I do want to mention that every person has different hair and that what works for me may not work for you. I find it’s best to try products and tips and then use that insight to see what works best for you!

My Go-To Hair Products - The Life She Wanders

Outside of the products, a big part of making your hair last for days and days without washing is by oil training it. Once you start pushing your hair that extra day where you kind of should wash it but a high pony will do, you hair basically starts to learn to last longer. This doesn’t happen overnight so you have to be patient but I promise you it’ll be worth it! I am also very diligent about wearing my hair in a ponytail when I sleep. I find this helps make my hair last longer because it’s not all over my face or my neck.

I’ve also for the past probably 3-ish months have stopped using my hair dryer as much as possible and just let my hair air dry. I find my hair just falls more naturally this way and tends to last a bit longer. As weird as this sounds - I even feel weird typing it - I rarely brush my hair [sorry Mom!]. I might just be blessed from the hair gods but I typically don’t get knots and stuff in my hair, and it’s usually soft and smooth once I wake up. I will brush it before I shower for sure and every now and then if needed I’ll brush the body and tips of my hair, avoiding the roots. I have no idea if this helps my hair last longer but it is just what I do.

So without further ado, here is a breakdown of my go-to hair products! Links are included for everything, too!

My Go-To Hair Products - The Life She Wanders

KRISTEN ESS SIGNATURE SHAMPOO - Kristen Ess is a hair goddess so when I found out she was releasing a line of products at Target, I was pumped!! I got this shampoo pretty much when it was released and fell in love immediately. First off, the packaging of her products is so simplistic and trendy, I love it! This shampoo is free of sulfates and has the most pleasant yet faint clean smell to it. I’m not one for fragrant products so this is perfect. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling super clean, moisturized and shiny which is a win-win-win in my book!

Kristen Ess’ line at Target is pretty extensive and she has tons of other products for all different hair types and needs. The price points for all of the products are really reasonable, too. I’ve been wanting to try a few other of her products like the texture spray, signature conditioner and the new scalp purifying micellar shampoo. I’ll certainly keep you posted once I give those a try!

FRANKLIN & WHITMAN DRY SHAMPOO - y’all know my love for Frank & Whit and I think this dry shampoo might be my all-time favorite product. It is seriously a game changer!! In the past I’ve tried countless dry shampoo that all failed miserably. It comes in a light hair and dark hair formula - I use the dark hair [obviously!]. It is also powder based with no aerosol which is awesome! It comes in two scents and I typically will alternate between them. I use this in a couple of different ways…

  • Sprinkle a bit into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, flip my head upside down and rub my hands on my scalp/roots of my hair. I will typically do this for day 2 and sometimes day 3 when I just need a little bit to get rid of some grease and add a bit of volume.

  • If there are any bad greasy spots, I’ll sprinkle the product right from the canister to the roots of my hair and massage in. A little goes a long way!

  • When I’m getting close to needing to wash my hair, I will add some to the roots of my hair at night and let my hair “marinade” in it overnight. Yes, this sounds absolutely crazy but it works like a charm! I wake up the next morning and my hair is completely refreshed.

My Go-To Hair Products - The Life She Wanders

FRANKLIN & WHITMAN HAIR SERUM - this is another great hair product from Frank & Whit. I don’t use this after each wash, probably every other or when I notice my ends looking dry. It makes them look so refreshed and moisturized! I add about 2 pumps to the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then rub my hands on the ends of my hair. I avoid putting this on my roots just based on trial and error and what works for my hair.

HERBAL ESSENCE BODY ENVY VOLUMIZING HAIRSPRAY - I have probably been using this hairspray since college, if not high school, it is that good! It is a volumizing hairspray with high holding power but leaves your hair soft to the touch and so much movement. I spray this every day to my hair all over my head - roots, tips, middle, top - no fancy tricks to this one!

SCUNCI NO DAMAGE RIBBON ELASTICS - gone are the days of overstretched hair ties and hair getting knotted all around them, these things are amazing! They don’t leave a crease, don’t stretch out [which is hard to find] and are easy to take out of your hair. I sleep with my hair in a pony and use these every single night. I usually keep one in my purse at all times too, just in case.

VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN PEPTIDES - I started using Vital Proteins a couple of years ago and have loved having it as part of my routine. I try to have 1 scoop each day but sometimes life happens. I do want to say that you have to use this regularly to see results. It’s not a one-and-done type of thing but it does work! I’ve noticed my hair in general being healthier and stronger, along with my nails. I’ll add this to my smoothies, coffee, tea, pancake mix, protein bites, basically anything and everything!

There you have it - my go-to hair products and some trips & tricks! Be sure to let me know if you try any of these, I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you have any favorite hair products or tips? Share below in the comments!

My Go-To Hair Products - The Life She Wanders

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