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6 Ways to Improve Your Monday - and Your Week Ahead

In an effort to make this year the best year yet, I’m challenging myself [and you!] to make Mondays as equally awesome as Fridays. Because why does Friday deserve allllll the attention after all?! We’ve all been there when Sunday night rolls around and the “UGH” feelings set in knowing that tomorrow is Monday and realizing all the things you have going on that week, or things you need to get done, or even things you didn’t do over the weekend. I’ve put together my top 6 ways to improve your Monday [and week ahead] so you can stay on track and focus on the important things.

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How I'm Staying Organized in 2019

If there is one thing I’ve always loved and cannot get enough of it is planners and notebooks and office supplies. Even with the rise of technology, I still resort back to physically writing things down a vast majority of the time. There is just something so rewarding when you physically cross something off your to do list. Organization is going to be key for me this year so I’ve rounded up the different ways in which I’m doing so plus some of my favorite items I’m using to do so. No shame in my organization game!

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