6 Ways to Improve Your Monday - and Your Week Ahead

6 Ways to Improve Your Monday...and Your Week Ahead -- The Life She Wanders

In an effort to make this year the best year yet, I’m challenging myself [and you!] to make Mondays as equally awesome as Fridays. Because why does Friday deserve allllll the attention after all?!

We’ve all been there when Sunday night rolls around and the “UGH” feelings set in knowing that tomorrow is Monday and realizing all the things you have going on that week, or things you need to get done, or even things you didn’t do over the weekend. Guilty as charged many, many, many times!

Though my life has changed quite a bit over the last 8-9 months due to health issues…heck, even just the last couple of months, I still try to keep some sense of routine and schedule going so I don’t fall out of my groove. I’ve put together my top 6 ways to improve your Monday [and week ahead] so you can stay on track and focus on the important things. I implemented a lot of these tactics when I worked in the office too so these are great whether you work from home or in a traditional office setting.

6 Ways to Improve Your Monday - and Your Week Ahead

PLAN YOUR WEEK OUT - ICYMI, I shared how I’m staying organized in 2019 including the planners I’m using daily. These things are life savers! I like to sit down on Sundays for just 5-10 minutes and organize my week ahead with more big picture items, think appointments, meetings, etc. It helps give a general overview so I can then plan more specific tasks each day based on what big picture items I have going on.

Then before bed each night, I’ll write out a specific to do list for the next day. This helps me SO much!! I can tend to get distracted easily at times and this helps me stay focused on what needs to get done. I also enjoy the pleasure of physically crossing something off my to do list, it is so rewarding! I also make sure I leave flexibility since things are always bound to come up and some days my health is worse than others.

PREP FOOD / SNACKS - I used to be what I considered the meal prep queen! I would spend all day Sunday grocery shopping and prepping alllllll the food. Literally, all freaking day. I’ve loosened the reigns quite a bit since that time and allowed for more flexibility in my food prep. I find it most beneficial to prep a few staples that can easily be transitioned between different meals, like some roasted veggies, greens and grains. I make sure to have my fridge and pantry stocked with staples and essentials but having these large pieces to the meal puzzle already prepped helps SO much!

PLAN YOUR OUTFITS - now this is something I’m definitely still working on but I think it helps to at least have an idea of what you want to wear the next day. Taking a look at your schedule to see what you have going on that week to ensure you don’t accidentally wear that super cute top to work when you wanted to wear it for date night or to brunch with the girls. Also be sure to check the weather, although most offices in my experience are cold AF! If that is the case, always have an “office sweater” as I call it that you can leave at your desk that is neutral enough to go with nearly any and everything so you can stay warm.

Once you have mastered this, start planning your outfit for the entire week and even hang them up on a separate small clothes rack - almost like they are decor. It’ll keep your mind focused and will make those outfits feel extra special! I find this also helps if you are one that struggles to get out of bed in the morning to hit the gym. By having your gym clothes out and ready for the next morning, you really have no excuse not to go.

6 Ways to Improve Your Monday - and Your Week Ahead

BRAIN DUMP - one of my favorite bloggers Brighton Keller talks about brain dumping a lot and it truly is life changing! You basically write everything and anything on your mind be it thoughts, feelings or to do list items. Once everything is down on paper, you organize those items and start to prioritize the list. Getting things down on paper for me is key. We all make mental notes but something our brains wander and then *poof* that mental note is gone. It also allows me to recognize and appreciate all the things on my mind, big or small, and address them as needed. So if you haven’t tried brain dumping, I highly suggest giving it a try - even if you just start small!

SELF CARE - whether you dedicate a specific day each week or sprinkle it throughout the week, dedicating time for self care is so important. It can be a face mask, a mani/pedi, hitting the snooze to sleep in, reading a good book or spending precious time with family and friends. Whatever it is, be sure to dedicate the time for it and you’ll feel so much more refreshed and happy! For me, a face mask on a Sunday sets my skin up for the week and turning my phone off to read a bit before bed sets my mind up for rest and success.

GET ACTIVE - although this is important all of the time for your general health and well-being, I think getting some activity in before the week begins is a great tool. It could be a casual walk outside or on the treadmill, or a spin class, or lifting weights - whatever floats your boat, just get active! I find getting some light activity in before Monday rolls around clears my mind and releases any negative energy that may be lingering from the week prior; it’s like a fresh start!

There you have it my friends, 6 ways to improve your Monday and your week ahead. Do you have any tips or tricks? Share below in the comments!

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6 Ways to Improve Your Monday - and Your Week Ahead

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