6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think

6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think -- The Life She Wanders

Last week I shared a post on how to live a more joyous life and one of the things I talked about was not caring what others think. Now, this certainly sounds much easier said than done [I’ve been there! Let’s be honest - I’m still a work in progress.] but getting to a point where you are comfortable truly will make all of the difference in your life. I think it is important to mention that this doesn’t mean we stop caring altogether about anything and everything, but it is about being selective in the things we do care about and focus our attention to.

It is hard nowadays with social media and everyone being constantly “on” not to fall into the comparison trap game and start judging/critiquing ourselves. We continually see people exuding this sense of having everything together at all times and we wonder if our life adds up to the same. Well girlfriend, I hate to burst your bubble but perfection like that just ain’t reality! We all have our flaws, we all hit bumps in the road, we all have our own thoughts and opinions and we were all created uniquely so.

When you start to care less about what other people think and focus on you and what you think, feel, believe and so on, you will be amazed at what a relief life will feel like. It takes time and effort to get comfortable not caring so much what others think or feeling like you are being judged all of the time. I don’t think it is possible to ever get to a state where you just don’t care at all [I also don’t think that’s healthy] but I do think it is valuable to get to a state where you are comfortable just being you and not worrying so much about what others think.

With that, I’ve rounded up 6 ways on how you can get comfortable not caring what others think. Be patient, it is not going to happen over night. These tips and tricks will certainly help to get you started in the right direction. Here we go!

6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think -- The Life She Wanders
6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think -- The Life She Wanders


This is the utmost important thing when not caring what others think and most definitely deserves to be mentioned first. Know your worth, I repeat: know your worth. Now it is crucial to recognize that there is a difference between being confident in yourself and being conceited. Know that you are loved, you are valued, you have self-worth, etc but do not get cocky with it. Being confident in yourself is truly a gift and don’t be afraid to let that light of yours shine…just don’t go all diva status with it!


Understand you can’t please everyone. We were all created uniquely with our own thoughts, opinions and viewpoints. So with that, not everyone is going to agree with you…and that is okay! Staying true to your beliefs and values is what is most important here. Stop focusing on making everyone else happy and stay true to you.


It might seem like having all of the friends in the world and being invited to every social gathering taking place is THE thing to do. But what about those toxic friends that make you feel shitty or push you to engage in activities that don’t align with your values? Or what about that guy you are drooling over but he treats you like absolute crap? Or what about that popular “clique” but they back-stab and gossip?

If you have any of these people in your life, the decision might be difficult but it’s time to remove them from your life and inner circle. Removing toxic people from your life is no easy task, don’t get me wrong. But it truly will help you live a more positive life and you’ll stop stressing about trying to fit in and be someone you are not. Once you eliminate those toxic people from your life, you will realize those you are now surrounded by have similar values to you. You’ll start feeling more confident in yourself and caring less about what others think.


Another step in getting comfortable not caring what others think is knowing what exactly to care about. What are your values and morals, what makes your heart tick, what gets the wheels spinning in your mind, what changes do you want to see in the world, who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Make these things priorities in your life and focus your time and efforts there. Don’t worry what others will think, be it the outfit you are wearing or your religious beliefs.

I also think it’s important to care about constructive criticism. Constructive criticism helps us to improve our skills and become better people. It can open our eyes to how we can do something better or be a better person. But be careful that what is being said to you is in fact constructive criticism and not destructive. Take into consideration the situation, who is saying it and what their “motive” might be.


I’m a quiet person. I keep to myself and I don’t typically voice my opinion. One thing I’ve been working on [that is still definitely a work in progress] is speaking my mind. Whether it is something simple like what restaurant you want to go to for dinner to more meaningful things like political views or faith, speaking your mind and saying what you truly feel and believe is almost therapeutic. Speaking your truth and what is on your mind truly wins over and again, you’ll stop trying to change your beliefs and values to fit in with others. Stay true to you girlfriend!


This tags off of the point above about speaking your mind. If there is something you disagree with or a situation that does not align with your beliefs and values, say no! If there is an event or social gathering you were invited to that doesn’t spark you inside, or maybe you just need a night to yourself to unwind, say no! The world will still keep spinning even when you say no. When you stop feeling bad or guilty for saying no, you will feel this sense of relief. And don’t forget - you do not need to apologize for saying no!!

And there you have it, 6 ways to get comfortable not caring what others think. Just do you, girlfriend, just do you! Do you have any tips for focusing on you and letting go of what others think? If so, share below in the comments!

6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think -- The Life She Wanders
6 Ways to Get Comfortable Not Caring What Others Think -- The Life She Wanders