6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time

6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders
6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders
6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders
6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders
6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders

Time…something we all get the same amount of each day [yes, even Beyonce], but something we always wish we had more of. I don’t know about you, but I continually check my watch throughout the day to see what time it is. I like to know where I stand schedule wise [hello doctor and specialist appointments never being on time] and to me, a watch is a unique accessory and piece of art, like this wood one from JORD Watches.

I’m excited to be partnering with JORD watches on this post due to that very uniqueness of their pieces and because time over the last year has become something I hold even more close to me. Life can change in the blink of an eye and routines can be completely flipped upside down. I’ve learned a great deal - and still am - about making the best use of my time so I can be as productive and set up for success as possible.

With that, I’ve rounded up 6 tips for making better use of your time. I implement each of these techniques into my daily life and they truly make such a difference. Some I’ve been doing for years while some I’m still working on perfecting; getting the basics down first will help continue to push you in the right direction for success. So without further ado, 6 tips for making better use of your time.

6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders


Batch cocktails you say? Works great for big parties and celebrations but how can you implement a similar technique in your everyday life? By batching your tasks! How many times have you run across town for one thing on Monday, then back that way on Wednesday for another errand, to shooting content individually on separate days throughout the week, to checking your email every 5 seconds, etc etc [you get the picture]. Instead, start batching similar tasks together to make better use of your time. Run all errands that are across town on the same day so you aren’t wasting time driving back and forth multiple times throughout the week. Schedule one day to shoot all of your upcoming content so you only have to get ready once or pull out all your props once. Check your email at 3-5 set times per day instead of continually checking every 5 seconds for something new to come in. Schedule conference calls all on one day, if possible, so they don’t interrupt your workflow.


The idea of block scheduling tasks is something I implemented in previous jobs and it is truly life changing! This can be beneficial not only in the workplace, but also in your personal life. Block off times in your calendar each day to work on specific tasks and priorities. Designate time to check emails, cook/eat meals, exercise, be with friends/family, business development, work on specific tasks/projects, and even alone time on a busy week. You can color coordinate daily or weekly recurring items to keep things cohesive and easily recognizable on your calendar.

This technique also allows for flexibility in your schedule, as well all know things can pop up unexpectedly that require our attention. By block scheduling, you can easily move blocks of time around as needed when those unexpected things come up, allowing you to re-prioritize your tasks. This helps ensure that nothing slips through the cracks!


MIT’s - or most important tasks - are key to identify in order to be most successful with your time. We all have a time of day where we are most productive. For me, that is the morning and early afternoon. When you figure out these two pieces to the puzzle, you will be amazed at how much more productive you are and what a better use you make of your time.

By doing the MIT’s when you are most productive, you will be able to devote your full attention and best effort to the task at hand. Save the mundane or “administrative” tasks that don’t require as much thought and detail for when you aren’t as sharp, like filing or organizing emails. This technique even works great for that project you keep pushing off that you are dreading - just get it done! You’ll save time by not procrastinating and check one more thing off your to do list.


This technique was something I implemented right after my concussion due to symptoms and recommendations from my neurologist/concussion therapists. Yes, I’m still dealing with my concussion but the technique is something I still continue to implement. The idea behind the pomodoro technique is working for a designated period of time, say 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. It’s important to turn off or get rid of any distractions during the designated work time. This allows your brain to fully focus on the task at hand for the time allotted. Now this doesn’t mean you have to finish each task or project on your list in just 25 minutes. Then during the break, allow yourself a break! Don’t look at your screen to allow our eyes to reset, don’t check your email, etc. For longer, more involved items on your list, you would continue to repeat this work-break cycle until your task was finished.


Planning my day or week ahead of time helps keep me on top of things and organized so much. I typically sit down on Sunday night and get my to do lists started for the week with the items and/or appointments I’m aware of. I also like to get a to do list and plan ready for the day the night before. I’ll sit down for just a few minutes before heading to bed to get my list and priorities for the next day in order.

Similar to block scheduling, this technique allows you to stay organized and on top of everything, but it also allows for flexibility throughout the week because unexpected things are bound to pop up. It’s important no matter how organized you are to leave time open for spontaneity.

By planning ahead, it allows you to stay on top of deadlines or projects and avoid procrastination to ultimately increase your productivity. The more you plan ahead of time, the less stressed you will be and the more organized your life will feel. Your life - and mental health - will thank you!


How many times have you heard multi-tasking is the thing to do? How many times have your tried multi-tasking…and not been as effective as you had hoped? Your brain isn’t meant to focus on multiple tasks/projects like that at once. This is where single tasking comes in. Focus your attention on one task/project at a time and devote a designated period of time to do so. By single tasking, it allows you to put your undivided attention on the specific task/project, without distractions, which in turn will ultimately make you more productive.

And there you have it my friends, 6 tips for making better use of your time. More organization and planning means less stress and more productivity. We all have the same amount of time in a day as Beyonce, but it is how you use that time that determines your success and well being. Keep reading below for details on a fun and exclusive giveaway I’m doing with JORD Watches!!

6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders

Photography by: Theresa Regan - Theresa Regan Photography

Outfit Details: bow-back lace top // denim // earrings

As mentioned earlier, this post is in partnership with JORD Watches. I was excited when they reached out to me to partner together because they have such unique pieces that you don’t see everyday. The piece I’m wearing is the “Frankie” in ebony and gold. I love the simplicity of the wood band and the uncomplicated face. You get to appreciate the simple things - like the time - and admire the minimalism and sophistication of the design.

Each piece undergoes a 72+ hour RIST process before it even begins to get assembled. This ensures the wood is prepped for the demand of watchmaking. The combination of the natural wood band with the technology of the watch is something so unique that will make you rethink timepieces.

JORD Watches also offers tons of customization options for their timepieces. Most watch backplates can be engraved, and any wooden humidor presentation boxes can be engraved as well! You can also customize most watches by selecting and mixing the different wood bands and watch faces to truly create a one-of-a-kind piece. The watches can be custom sized for recipients when ordered. I typically like my watches to have a looser fit so I had this sized at 16cm. To fit more “standard” and snug, I would have probably done 14cm. Each JORD watches comes with a one (1) year warranty and options for return or exchange, plus free shipping worldwide!

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6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders
6 Tips for Making Better Use of Your Time -- The Life She Wanders