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Sephora's Beauty Insider Summer Bonus Event

The Sephora Beauty Insider Summer Bonus Event is here! Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite skincare and beauty products, with savings of 20% for Rouge members and 15% for VIB members. I’ve broken things down by the details of the sale, skincare products I use and love, makeup products I use and love, plus breaking down my wishlist of items that I’ll be shopping for and why. So let’s get to it and happy shopping!

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Sephora's Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

Never did I think I would enjoy and be so passionate about skincare and beauty as I am now. Just a few years ago my skincare regimen - or lack there of - consisted of “washing” my face in the shower. Fast-forward to today where I have a morning and night routine, wear sunscreen daily and am a big believer in clean products. So yes, I fully understand that skincare and beauty products can be a bit pricey but that’s why this time of year is like Christmas…it’s the Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale!

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My Go-To Products from Sephora

I’m a Sephora girl through and through and have always loved all things beauty. I grew up in the competitive dance world so makeup was normal to me from a very young age…although performance makeup is much different than everyday looks! I don’t look at makeup as a means to cover things up, I look at it as tools to enhance and bring added life. I’ve also become a big proponent of clean beauty products over the past couple of years and love all of the options Sephora has.

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