The Best High-Rise Leggings

The Best High-Rise Leggings -- The Life She Wanders

If I had $1 for every single time I've done the "bend and snap" in a pair of leggings in front of a mirror to see if they are see-through or fall down...I would be a millionaire. Thanks to Endeavor, the see-through game is over and I am pumped!

I was first introduced to Endeavor a few years ago and the brand has been a staple since. They use the highest quality, most advanced materials to create functional yet stylish athletic gear. From tanks and tees, to outwear and leggings, each piece is perfectly crafted and does not disappoint. So what's the hype on these high-rise Eclipse Leggings? Here are five reasons why you need them.

The Best High-Rise Leggings

REASON 1: THEY ARE ACTUALLY HIGH-RISE [AND STAY PUT] | but seriously, when they say high-rise they mean it. I have a long torso and have always struggled with jean/pant rises [low rise is not my friend]. These leggings hit at my natural waist line, accenting an hourglass figure. The best part...the leggings do not fall or roll down at all, they stay put! Jump, twist, turn, downward dog, sprint or just to relax or run errands, these leggings will stay put no matter what you put them through; no adjustments needed.

REASON 2: THEY ARE NOT SEE-THROUGH | the days of the "bend and snap" mirror test are over. These leggings pass with flying colors. Endeavor uses the highest quality fabric so you don't have to stress when squatting, dead-lifting or grabbing your favorite snack from the bottom shelf. 

REASON 3: NO SWEAT MARKS | gone are the days of "swamp ass" or looking like you had a minor bathroom accident, these pants do not show any sweat game changer! I typically stick to black leggings for this very reason and was nervous the first time I wore the heather grey Endeavor pair. I was shocked, and also pumped, to find after an intense sweat sesh that there were no sweat marks to be found! Endeavor uses the top-notch fabrics that absorb all the sweat and moisture right off of your skin. The next best part...they don't feel wet, damp or sweaty! These leggings have the best of the best in moisture management and evaporation of sweat.

The Best High-Rise Leggings

REASON 4: THEY FEEL LIKE A SECOND SKIN | these might be the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. The fabric is light, breathable and extremely flattering on all shapes and sizes. I'm not one for thick, heavy leggings and these are the perfect thickness in my opinion. Whether you are taking a stroll through the grocery store or running sprints, the material is meant to work with you and moves/contours with your body in motion.

REASON 5: ATTENTION TO DETAIL | it is the little things on a pair of leggings that take them from plain, boring and basic to WOW! I get so many compliments on these leggings every single time I wear them. The Endeavor Eclipse Leggings have this fun accent detail on the seams that adds a little extra flair to them. The bottom of the leggings features this cute cinched detail making them the perfect length no matter your height. I hate when leggings gather and bunch around my ankles and that is completely avoided with this cute yet practical cinched feature. The fabric also has odor technology so gone are the days of worrying you might smell from a workout while grabbing a few things from the grocery store.

Convinced you need a pair [or two] yet? I think so! Now get yourself these Endeavor Eclipse Leggings - they come in heather grey [pictured above and below] or black, and also come in capri. For reference, I’m 5’3” and wear an XS and they fit perfectly! Be sure to sign up for their newsletters to not only be the first to hear about new products and sales, but to receive 15% off your first order!

The Best High-Rise Leggings: Endeavor Athletic — The Life She Wanders