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The Most Versatile White Blouse Styled 5 Ways

Last week I shared a post showing a floral midi dress styled 4 ways and y’all seemed to love it! So I’m bringing this style of post back showing this Elbow Sleeve V-Neck White Blouse from Target styled 5 ways. It is such a versatile piece - from the office to brunch to weekend errands - and has continually been a go-to piece in my wardrobe. I love the sleeve detail with the slight pouf and the textured pattern on the blouse gives it a bit more style.

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Floral Midi Dress Styled 4 Ways

I’ve always loved dressing up, whether it’s for work or a fancy event. I have an entire clothing rack JUST for dresses and my collection keeps growing and growing. One thing I’ve been focusing on lately is finding pieces that can be styled multiple ways for multiple seasons. Getting the most out of my minimal wardrobe is key and I enjoy the fun [and challenge] of finding new ways to wear something.

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Must-Have Affordable Swimsuits

It’s hard to think of swimsuits with the cold weather and snow still around but warm weather is coming in just a few short months! It is also prime vacation or spring break time and who doesn’t want a new swimsuit for that?! With that, I’ve rounded up tons of cute and affordable swimsuits, both two piece and one piece.

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