4 Tips for Wearing Animal Print at the Office

4 Tips for Wearing Animal Print at the Office -- The Life She Wanders

The animal print trend is going no where fast and I am totally here for it! To me, it is such a versatile print, almost a neutral, but it can easily go from classy to trashy. With the trend continuing to grow and grow, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to style such a bold print in a professional manner for the office.

Today, I’m sharing 4 easy tips that you can use for styling animal print for the office in a chic and trendy, yet professional way. These tips work whether you are in a business professional environment, a more business casual environment, or even if you are a teacher.


When it comes to the corporate world, it can be a bit of a grey, fine line when it comes to fashion trends and statement pieces. The key here is to pair those trends with classic pieces, as shown here. The animal print trend is going nowhere fast, so take a more toned done leopard print cami and pair it with a classic black blazer and black pants. The classic black blazer and pants help to bring some “calmness” to the trendy leopard print and keep your outfit looking professional for the workplace.


Along with pairing animal print with classic pieces, you’ll also want to focus on silhouette. In my opinion, animal print that is fitted does not scream office appropriate and can easily look trashy. Stay away from any low cut tops or deep v-necks, too..save those for date night or girls night out. Keep things flowly or structured and think wrap dresses, midi skirts, a cami like shown here, or wide leg trousers.

4 Tips for Wearing Animal Print at the Office -- The Life She Wanders


If you are hesitant about the animal print trend or just want to add the print in small doses, accessories are a great way to do so. From earrings, to a belt, to your shoes or a handbag, accessories add that subtle trendy pop without going overboard.

I have these tortoiseshell resin hoop earrings from Loft and love pairing them with an all black outfit. Target also has tons of reasonably priced tortoise earrings like these geometic resin hoop earrings for $13, classic resin hoop earrings for $8 and these disk post earrings also for just $8.

You’ve also seen me wear a leopard print belt with a lot of my outfits lately, and I love the pop it gives. The one I have is from Abercrombie and unfortunately is not available online any more. But Target to the rescue once again! They have some super similar leopard print options all under $20: here, here and here. They have some snakeskin print ones under $20 as well: here, here and here.

Like I mentioned just a bit ago, shoes are also a great way to add a trendy item to your look while still keeping it professional. Here are some great and affordable options:


Finally, the utmost important thing to remember when wearing animal print at the office is to keep things simple [K.I.S.S. - who remembers that from school?!]. Some animal prints are VERY bold and bright, so look for more muted and neutral tones that easily pair with basic neutrals like black, cognac or cream. Don’t go overboard with animal print here, there, everywhere in your outfit - just focus on one piece.

There you have it, 4 simple tips for wearing animal print at the office. Do you have any tips for wearing fashion trends like animal print in the corporate world? If so, share below in the comments!

4 Tips for Wearing Animal Print at the Office -- The Life She Wanders