My Vision for 2019: The Year of Growth

My Vision for 2019: The Year of Growth -- The Life She Wanders

We are now one week into 2019 and I’m still feeling refreshed as ever! I last minute decided to join my family at our house in OBX to start the new year and I’m so glad we did. It’s my happy place and it was so nice to be able to spend some time relaxing with the family after the craziness of the holiday season. It was also a nice way to toast to a year of owning our house there!

We did some housework during the day and just relaxed at night. We finally played pool a couple nights down in the pool room [was a rocky start but I’ve finally got the hang of it!] - crazy to think it was our first time using it since we got the house! We made some delicious food - like flatbread pizzas, tacos and my shrimp pad thai = and enjoyed some local beers and tasty red wine. The weather wasn’t the greatest most of the trip but we lucked out with nice weather on our last day so we all enjoyed our morning coffee out on one of the decks with all the pups watching sunrise - truly one of my favorite things!

I also had some time to reflect on last year and start envisioning life for 2019. Last year was the roller coaster year of unexpected injuries [hello concussion I’m still not cleared from nearly 8 months later] along with many other life changes that no one ever plans for. But when I take a step back, I feel these changes not only taught me perseverance, faith and courage - but I feel they closed certain doors to create more intentional paths and open bigger and better doors for me.

I know so many people say they are excited for a new year but for once in my life, I truly and wholeheartedly am PUMPED for a fresh start! I grew so much as an individual over the past year and am ready to make 2019 my year - I can tell that it is going to be one to always remember. I have faith that God will continue to guide me throughout the ongoing life transitions and those that lie ahead. I have faith in myself that I can accomplish any and all obstacles that lie ahead. I have faith that I will push myself to try new things without fear of failure. I have faith that this will be the year of growth, where I really come out of my shell and just attack life with full energy and love.

My Vision for 2019: The Year of Growth - The Life She Wanders
My Vision for 2019: The Year of Growth - The Life She Wanders

I turn 30 this year - in just about a month actually - and what I thought would be disappointment and fear to be leaving my twenties and turning the big three-oh, is actually the complete opposite. Of course there is still that “oh shit” feeling when life is still quite a bit scrambled, many unknown health issues are still being worked out and things [aka life’s “timeline moments”] are not as you envisioned. But it is all going to be okay and work itself out. I’ve learned you have to have faith and stressing over situations like this changes nothing. So I’m really content with turning 30 soon - I think not only will 2019 be my year, but I think 30 will be my year, too!

As I enjoyed some me time in OBX over the past week, I took some time to think about words or phrases that would be my mottos for 2019 and what I envisioned the year head looking like. It was too hard to pick just a single word as I know this is going to be a big year. So here’s what I came up with…



  • JOY






  • PROVERBS 31:25 [she is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future']


And there you have it - my vision for 2019. It will definitely be the year of growth and I’m hopeful for a year of happiness, adventure and more. Resorting back to these 10 words and phrases will be key to keep me on track during those more difficult times. Alright life, let’s do this! Here’s to make 2019 the ultimate year to remember!