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I Paid Off $40,000 in College Loans - Here's How

My first ever college loan payments were due on Christmas Day in 2012. I most certainly was not so holly jolly about that! Fast forward to October 2018 and I was as jolly as can be as I made my last payments on those loans! I truly cannot describe the feeling of paying off such a HUGE chunk of money, it’s like a outer-body experience. The world of college loans can be a dark, depressing thing but if you work smarter instead of harder at paying them off, the reward is that much sweeter in the end.

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The Basics of Starting a Monthly Budget

Money and finances can be a bit of a taboo conversation topic, but I’m here to break down those barriers with a new weekly series, Money Mondays. From the basics of budgeting, to starting a savings, to paying off loans, to buying a car, to the value of a dollar and beyond, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks from my own personal experience to help you improve your finances in an easy, realistic way. So as the first post in this Money Mondays series, we’re starting with the very basics of starting a monthly budget.

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